Welcome Alpha Steward!

Are you ready to step into a new realm of responsibility and harmony with the Earth?

This is the beginning of the SoilDAO PMA, a groundbreaking Private Member Association. By signing our agreement, you move beyond the constraints of statutory regulations, embracing your role as a natural person under Divine Jurisdiction. This isn’t just about legal status; it’s about committing to live in harmony with our planet, engage in meaningful stewardship, and participate in a community dedicated to regenerative practices. Our agreement ensures you’re not just a Member, but a co-steward of the Earth, with a focus on maintaining and regenerating our planet’s topsoil, restoring our relationship with the land, and creating sanctuaries for Earth’s natural habitats.

As a Member, you’ll be part of a unique DAO, operating with the freedom and responsibility that only a PMA can offer, including the use of digital assets for internal governance and resource exchange. After signing the agreement below, you will be invited to make a donation. The first 1000 contributing Members of the DAO will be awarded an “Alpha Steward” NFT representing your Founding Member status.

Please read the entire agreement and contribute today!

*If you have trouble reading the following form, click here for a full-screen version.